Dane Sijan will join Bjerringbro Silkeborg

Goalkeeper with a huge experience in the Danish League, Dane Sijan (35) will change the team after four seasons in Viborg HK. Unofficial information from Denmark talk about that former Serbian NT goalkeeper  will join Danish vice-champion, BSV Bjerringbro Silkeborg.  He will be a substitute for Niklas Landin, who is going zo Rhein Neckar Lowen.photo: sg-flensburg BSV SilkeborgDane SijanNiklas LandinRhein Neckar Lowen ← Previous Story Carlos Prieto goes to Bergischer HC Next Story → Velux Men’s EHF CL (Round 9): Kadetten expels Chambery from Europe

FC Barcelona wins in historical 5000th match of ASOBAL

Match between F.C Barcelona and Guadalajara 36:23 was the 5000th in 22 years of ASOBAL (266.215 goals is scored). Spanish champion doesn’t have problem with weak rival in the “historical match”.36 – Barcelona (18+18): Sjostrand (Saric, m. 31 a 60); Rocas (2), Igropulo (4), Sorhaindo (4), Viran Morros (-), Raúl Entrerríos (1), Juanín (7), siete inicial, Rutenka (7, 1p.), Víctor Tomás (2), Aguirrezabalaga (4), Sarmiento (3), Noddesbo (2) y Oneto (-).23 – Guadalajara (11+12):Oliva; Fontela (5, 3p.), Vallés (3), Epeldegui (1); De la Salud (4), Rudovic (2), Parra (-), siete inicial, Blazevic (-), De la Rubia (-), Castellá (5), Reig (2) y Basmalis (1). BM. Atlético – Naturhouse La Rioja Finalizado38-27 12Quabit BM Guadalajara12 Reale Ademar León – Alser Puerto Sagunto Finalizado30-26 2BM. Atlético36 16Alser Puerto Sagunto6 11AMAYA Sport San Antonio14 3Reale Ademar León27 ASOBALBarcelona handballF.C Barcelonahistorical handball matchSpanish handball 13Helvetia Anaitasuna12 14Antequera9 9Torrevieja17 8Fraikin BM Granollers17 15Huesca8 6Ciudad Encantada19 10Academia Octavio15 1FC Barcelona Intersport38 5Caja3 BM22 7Naturhouse La Rioja17 4Cuatro Rayas BM Valladolid25 ← Previous Story Hungary: Pick Szeged secured second place before Play Off Next Story → EHF CL Topscorer Frantisek Sulc ready to back for Slovakia NT read more

Womens OG 2012 Top scorers Nascimento leads ahead Penezić and Mangue

3MANGUE GONZALEZ Marta24 ← Previous Story Women’s OG 2012 (Round 4): Norway sent Denmark home – France win the Group! Next Story → Men’s OG 2012 (Round 4): First wins for Serbia and Tunisia – Sweden secured third place! 1NASCIMENTO Alexandra27 2PENEZIC Andrea26 4POPOVIC Bojana23 =5GERBRON Marie21 After Round 4 of the Women’s Olympic Tournament, Brazilian left-handed player, Alexandra Nascimento is the best scorer with 27 goals followed by Andrea Penezić from Croatia (26). =5NORGAARD Ann Grete22 Alexandra NascimentoAndrea Penezićhandball top scorerMarta MangueOlympic Handball 2012

Isabell Klein to miss Womens EHF EURO 2012

← Previous Story Bundesliga (Round 14): Igropulo with 8 goals leads Füchse Berlin past SC Magdeburg Next Story → THW Kiel demolish RN Lowen in Mannheim with 28:17, Omeyer hero! EHF EURO 2012germanyisabell kleinkleinserbia 2012 Isabell Klein suffered a metacarpal fracture on her left hand at the training session on Monday, and with this type of injury it is certain that she will be missing the upcoming EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia. This is another blow to Germany‘s chances at the EHF EURO 2012 after Melbeck is already out with torn muscle fibre.Heine Jensen‘s Germany play in a group with Hungary, Croatia and Spain, and definitely will be very hard to qualify now that their two most experienced players are out.

Friendlies worldwide Denmark beat France – Good night for Poland Tunisia Croatia

← Previous Story Bundesliga (W): In top game Barbosa leads Thuringer past HC Leipzig Next Story → Golden League Day 2: Denmark beat Croatia – France win against Norway Here are the results of friendly matches played on Friday around the globe:Macedonia – Montenegro 28:29Belarus – Brazil 30:30 (15:13)Denmark – France 33:29 (12:15)Poland – Egypt 24:21 (11:11)Czech Republic – Serbia 29:29 (15:16)Tunisia – Russia 28:24 (12:10)Norway – Croatia 26:28 (13:13)Germany – Sweden 29:24 (12:9) handballhandball match

Heide Loke Gyor before the MVM FINAL F4 I want Vardar

HP World Best Player 2011 and 2013, Norwegian line-player Heidi Loke was satisfied with the performance of her team and placement at the Final of the MVM Final F4 in Budapest “Papp Laszlo Sport Arena”. Gyor beat Danish Midtjylland 29:26…– I am very happy that we are the final. We have played very good first half, but we werent’ so good in the second half. At the end, who cares, we are in the battle for the title.Loke has wish for the final clash…-Hm, both teams are very good, but if I have to choose, I will say Vardar. It won’t be easier, it will be hard in both cases, but… BudapestBudapest handballmvm final 4 ← Previous Story MVM FINAL 4 IN BUDAPEST: Gyor is the first finalist! Next Story → ZRK Buducnost at the final after Balkan war!

EHF CL Barca smash Montpellier with 10 goals

8. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn300369:93(-24)0 3. KS Vive Tauron Kielce4211127:113(14)5 1. HC Vardar4400112:92(20)8 EHF CLFC Barcelona LassaVive Tauron Kielce 5. Montpellier HB4103105:122(-17)2 5. MOL-Pick Szeged310282:87(-5)2 5. IFK Kristianstad4103117:125(-8)2 FC Barcelona Lassa outplayed Montpellier 37:27 in the VELUX EHF Champions League Group B last match of Round 4. Half empty “Blaugrana” saw the show of Macedonian star Kiril Lazarov who continued his torture ove goalkeepers wih 12 goals in the net of Gerrard from 12 shots. Slovenian “machine” on the right wing Dragan Gajić netted eight goals for the French vice-champions.In two matches earlier on Saturday, RK Vardar beat Rhein Neckar Lowen 25:19, while Vive Tauron Kielce had routine job against IFK Kristianstad 35:27.STANDINGS: ← Previous Story EHF CL: Kielce routine win over Kristianstad Next Story → Rhein Neckar Lowen lose after five months! 2. FC Barcelona Lassa4301122:109(13)6 3. Rhein-Neckar Löwen4211103:96(7)5 read more

RK Vardar Skopje or RK PPD Zagreb first finalists of SEHA GAZPROM

← Previous Story COACH AND DIRECTOR UNTIL 2020: Tamse and Planteu stay in Celje! Next Story → Meshkov Brest to face Telekom Veszprem for SEHA Final4 final RK Vardar Skopje and RK PPD Zagreb will open the sixth Final 4 SEHA – Gazprom League’s in Brest on Friday (18.30 local Belorussian time, 17:30 CET). Matches between those clubs are always tense, their rivalry is well known and this will be their fifth encounter in season 2016/2017. Raul Gonzales, Vardar coach:It feels great to be here after playing good handball throughout the season. PPD Zagreb surely have a good team, a good coach and, what is in my opinion their major force, their defence. That is why we’ll have to prepare well and be persistent in attack in case we want to reach a win in this semi-final.Slavko Goluza, PPD Zagreb coach:I would of course like to congratulate all teams for coming here. Our goals is to play a good tournament despite some minor problems we’re dealing with at the moment. We have no big burden of success on our shoulders, which might be positive, because our only goal here is to give our best and to see what the Final4 brings us.Stojance Stoilov, Vardar team captain:We’re happy to play the F4 here in Brest. This will be our sixth consecutive F4 appearance and our goal has always been – and is once again now – to go all the way. We know Zagreb well and they know us as well. That’s why I believe the team, which will be better motivated and will simply want it more, will eventually win it.Zlatko Horvat, PPD Zagreb team captain:We know everything about Vardar, we’ve already met them four times this season so there are really no secrets between us. We know everything, what we can expect from them and vice versa. We’re surely up to a tough, interesting match. We believe, we’ll have our chances to play a quality match and in the end to reach the final.Ahead of the press conference SEHA – Gazprom League managing director Sinisa Ostoic shared a few words stating that he hopes everyone will enjoy the tournament, which for the first time ever will have an exclusive worldwide live-stream on ehfTV. read more

Toronto police say they have video of Mayor with crack pipe

first_imgThat’s all I can say right now.He said he needed to “go back and return my phone calls.”The scandal has been the fodder of jokes on US late night television that has cast Canada’s financial capital in an unflattering light.Ford was elected mayor of Canada’s largest city three years ago on a wave of discontent simmering in the city’s outlying suburbs. Since then Ford has repeatedly appeared in the news for his increasingly odd behavior. He has repeatedly refused to resign.Ford faced allegations in May that he had been caught on video puffing from a glass crack pipe. Two reporters with the Toronto Star said they saw the video, but it has not been released publicly. Ford maintains he does not smoke crack and that the video does not exist.Blair said he was “disappointed” after viewing the video which he said “depicts images that are consistent with those previously reported in the press.”Blair said the video will come out when Ford’s friend and sometimes driver, Alexander Lisi, goes to trial on previous drug charges. Blair did not say who the computer belonged to but police later said Lisi has now been charged with extortion for trying to retrieve the recording from an unidentified person.“As a citizen of Toronto I’m disappointed,” Blair said. “This is a traumatic issue for citizens of this city and the reputation of this city.”Before the disclosure, Ford angrily screamed at reporters to get off his property as he left his house Thursday morning. At City Hall, tours were given of his office’s Halloween decorations.DocumentsThe prosecutor in the Lisi case released documents today showing they had rummaged through Ford’s garbage in search of evidence of drug use. They show that they conducted a massive surveillance operation monitoring the mayor and Lisi following drug use allegations.The documents show that friends and former staffers of Ford were concerned that Lisi was “fuelling” the Toronto mayor’s alleged drug use.The documents also detail evidence that led to Lisi’s arrest on drug and extortion charges.Mayor Rob Ford leaves his home in Toronto. Pic: AP Photo/Nathan DenetteThe police documents, ordered released by a judge, show Ford receiving suspicious packages from Lisi on several occasions.“Lisi approached the driver’s side of the Mayor’s vehicle with a small white gift bag in hand; he then walked around to the passenger side and got on board,” reads one document dated July 30, 2013. “After a few minutes Lisi exited the Escalade empty handed and walked back to his Range Rover.”Another dated July 28 says Lisi “constantly used counter surveillance techniques” when he met with Ford that day.On August 13 documents say Lisi and Ford met and “made their way into a secluded area of the adjacent woods where they were obscured from surveillance efforts and stayed for approximately one hour.”Police later recovered a vodka and juice bottle from where they met. “So as not to reveal that the original bottles were seized replacement ones were left behind,” the document says.Ford recently vouched for Lisi in a separate criminal case, praising his leadership skills and hard work in a letter filed with the court. The letter was part of a report prepared by a probation officer after Lisi was convicted of threatening to kill a woman.Ford said previously that he was shocked when Lisi was arrested earlier this month, calling him a “good guy” and saying he doesn’t abandon his friends.The documents also say that Payman Aboodowleh, a volunteer football coach at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School, where Ford coached the team, told police that Lisi met Ford through him. He told police he was “mad at Lisi because he was fuelling the mayor’s drug abuse,” the document says.Ford former staffer, Chris Fickel, told police he didn’t know where Ford got marijuana from, but “has heard that ‘Sandro’, Lisi’s nickname, may be the person who provides the mayor with marijuana and possibly cocaine,” the document alleges.However, Fickel added, he has never seen Lisi provide the mayor with drugs. The mayor would call Fickel and tell him to tell “Sandro” that “I need to see him,” Fickle told police.Read: Mayor of Toronto beats Hulk Hogan at arm wrestling> TORONTO POLICE SAID Thursday they have obtained a video that appears to show Mayor Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe — a video that Ford had claimed didn’t exist and has been at the core of a scandal that has embarrassed and gripped Canada for months.Police Chief Bill Blair said the video, recovered after being deleted from a computer hard drive, did not provide grounds to press charges. Ford, a populist mayor who has repeatedly made headlines for his bizarre behavior, vowed not to resign.Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tells to the media to get off his property as he leaves his home in Toronto. Pic: AP Photo/Nathan DenetteFord, speaking outside his office door, said with a smile: “I have no reason to resign.” He said he couldn’t defend himself because his case is now being handled by authorities, adding:last_img read more

RCNI strongly disagrees with lowering the age of consent

first_imgPoll: Should we lower the age of consent in Ireland?> THE RAPE CRISIS Network Ireland said today that lowering the age of sexual consent would only “compound State failures to protect the older child”.The RCNI said that it is “not timely to consider the lowering of sexual consent” adding that the State is continuing “to fail to meet its obligations to protect and empower children”.Age of consentMinister for Justice Alan Shatter will put forward proposals to ministers today, which could see the lowering of the age of consent from 17 to 16.The Executive Director of the RCNI, Fiona Neary said she read with “dismay” today that the Cabinet is to discuss lowering the age of consent to sexual activity, adding: The age of consent is there to protect vulnerable children from coercion, pressure and abuse. The age of consent is not designed or used to punish teenage respectful experimentation.She said the government might consider its “statutory obligations in terms of supporting, protecting and empowering children, in particular, the neglected older child”.The RCNI called on the Cabinet to consider urgent action on addressing the vulnerability of the teenage child, stating that there are insufficient resources, time and commitment and that the “education system does not equip children to engage safely, within our cultural context, in respectful sexual relationships”.Lowering the age of consent may simply undermine the State and the justice system’s capacity to respond to crimes, she said.Neary added that with the proposed new junior cycle would be opportune space to increase education, but that “even the little we have is to become an optional short course”.She was critical that there are no national guidelines or action plans to address sexual harassment and assault in schools, stating:The State has turned a blind eye to the specific needs of the teenage child.To contemplate lowering the age of consent with so little done or said to address their vulnerability would be to compound this neglect.last_img read more

64 The number of prisoners escaped since 1996 still at large

first_imgSINCE 1996, 64 prisoners have escaped from custody and have not been recaptured according to the Department of Justice.Minister Alan Shatter made the admission to the Dáil last week after a question from Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan.The minister said that of the 64 prisoners at large, 60 of those had escaped from low security open centres, two escaped from closed prisons and another two escaped from the custody of prison officers outside the confines of a prison.Prisoners in Ireland are the responsibility of the Irish Prison Service but, when they abscond, the Garda Síochána are informed and they then have the power to detain, arrest, and return such persons to prison.The minister told deputies last week that the “vast majority of offenders who abscond return voluntarily or are returned to custody”. This usually occurs within a short time frame, he added.Shatter also said that the Irish Prison Service set up a project team in 2012 to look at ways of reducing the number of prisoners at large:The project team has worked closely with An Garda Síochána and the Department of Social Protection and its work has led to the re-committal of a number of prisoners who had absconded from custody. This project is ongoing.Read: There are 62 republican prisoners being held at present in Irish prisons >Read: Concerned Cork residents say new prison will overshadow their homes >last_img read more

PSNI seek witnesses to assault of teenage girl

first_imgTHE PSNI IS seeking information from witnesses after a teenage girl was assaulted in Lurgan today.Police in Lurgan are appealing for witnesses in relation to the assault of the female, which took place this afternoon in the Trasna Way area.They said that at approximately 5pm a teenage girl was assaulted by a male. He was wearing dark clothing and is described as being in his mid 20’s.Police would particularly appeal to a male with blonde hair, who is believed to have been in the vicinity at the time of the assault and may have spoken to the victim, and to anyone with any information about this incident to contact Lurgan Police Station on 0845 600 8000.If someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details, they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111.last_img read more

80 think counselling and psychotherapy should be regulated

first_imgMore: Suicide helplines experiencing more calls from worried family members > Currently, there is nothing to prevent someone doing a three-week course and hanging a sign outside their door. An individual is not qualified to deal with sensitive and potentially complex issues after such a course. If you are going to work with a counsellor or psychotherapist, ensure they are appropriately qualified.Over 200 IACP members will attend the Association’s 32nd AGM tomorrow in Portlaoise.Read: Cutbacks reduce one-to-one guidance counselling by 50% – study > FOUR OUT OF five people in Ireland think that counsellors and psychotherapists should be regulated by the government.The research carried out by Behaviour and Attitudes for the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy also revealed that almost 60 per cent of Irish people believe it is more acceptable to talk about their problems than it was in the past.The study was carried to better understand the value that Irish people attach to counselling or psychotherapy services. “This is a very positive shift and means people are more likely to talk to a counsellor or psychotherapist about their problems, which further emphasises the need for regulation in this area,” says Naoise Kelly, National Director at IACP.Kelly added that it’s important that the right, qualified people are doing the job:last_img read more

My 10 minutes with Fergie and his Champions League dreams

first_imgALEX FERGUSON’S RETIREMENT from the coaching game has brought back 27 years of memories for many supporters. James Phelan contacted TheScore.ie this week to share his unique memory of a chance encounter with the Scottish legend…The news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement hits home for me more than most. Not only was he the manager of a club I supported since childhood, but he became an intrinsic part of a day I’ll never forget.I went to my first Manchester United game on 30 November 1996. Martin O’Neill’s Leicester City side were the opposition in what was a hard fought 3-1 victory for the Red Devils at Old Trafford. That day, due to an administration mix up, I got to have a one-on-one with the greatest manager of the modern era.At the time Ferguson was celebrating 10 years at Old Trafford. Rumours were circulating he would attend a book signing in the club shop after the Leicester match. United didn’t always have a Megastore under the stadium instead it was located outside of the grounds. Ferguson was supposed to be there around 8pm to sign autographs.It was a wet night, as always in Manchester, and the queue was out the door. Instead of standing in the rain my Dad suggested we head to the supporters’ club-shop to buy Ferguson’s new book for him to sign.“Do you see who that is?” my Dad asked me. Stood in the centre of an almost empty club-shop was Fergie himself. He looked confused as to why no supporters bothered showing up to meet him. Whatever mix-up happened to place him in the wrong shop was my gain.I was a shy kid, so why I had the courage to go right up to him still surprises me. I asked him a question I had always dreamed of him answering. “When are we going to win a Champions League?” Ferguson chuckled and responded with, “Soon, I hope, boy.”I had always seen him roaring at referees, officials and players. I kept a scrapbook in which I pasted any articles on United, and read reports on how Ferguson was finished. Opposition managers and players labelled him a cheat and a time-waster. The man I met that day was nothing but a gentleman.For 10 uninterrupted minutes we swapped stories of Roy Keane’s glories, discussed the Leicester win and predicted the club’s future. He posed for photos and signed the book I had bought. Eventually he was directed across the road to meet the, now soaked, fans but I knew something special had just occurred.Ferguson took the United job the year I was born. Some of the best memories of my life have involved him. My dad died less than two months afterwards. I later learned he took me to that match against doctor’s orders.  Meeting Sir Alex with my dad is still my favourite moment in life. I got to meet my sporting hero and had my dad beside me. After that I knew I would always dread the day Ferguson decided it was time for him to leave the Theatre of Dreams.I’m sure all United fans are bitterly disappointed to see Ferguson retire today when he still has the fire in his belly to be the best. Love him or loathe him, he will always be one of the game’s greats. For me, and so many others, he is Manchester United. Whoever replaces him will have the biggest shoes to fill in world of football.Thank you for leaving fans around the world with such found memories. Especially one last one for a young boy and his dad.Enjoy retirement Sir Alex.Paolo Di Canio ‘offered to leave’ over fascism rowIt’s Your Michael Owen’s Car Covered In Egg And Flour Pic Of The Daylast_img read more

Have you ever kept a pregnancy hidden Youre not alone

first_imgWOMEN HIDING THEIR pregnancies is not a “thing of the past” according to midwifery experts at Trinity College Dublin.They are asking women who have concealed their pregnancies to come forward and talk.TCD’s School of Nursing and Midwifery says that about 1 in 403 pregnancies in rural Ireland is concealed up to 20 weeks with about 1 in 625 cases in Dublin.Other research by NUI Galway has found the prevalence rate even higher at 1 in 148 cases.“Many women and children suffered in the past from their experiences of mother and baby homes and other negative societal and familial responses to pregnancy,” says TCD’s Sylvia Murphy Tighe.However, women are still keeping pregnancies secret in Ireland today and we need to get an understanding of the complex reasons behind this phenomenon so that we can respond more effectively.The main health concern with concealing pregnancies is that it can lead to delayed antenatal care or even a situation where the pregnant woman receives no such care at all.The researchers say that far from concealed pregnancies being a problem solely among teenagers as the perception might be, “midwives, social workers and GPs have confirmed that women of all ages, including older women and women within and outside of relationships may keep their pregnancy secret.”“The reasons for concealment vary widely and can include financial concerns, cultural and/or religious influences, power and dynamics in the relationship, domestic abuse, the lack of a partner or boyfriend, parental opinion and age,” Murphy Tighe continued.The study aims to better the response to concealed pregnancies and as such the school wants to hear, in confidence, the experiences of women who have done so for whatever reason.Sylvia Murphy Tighe can be contacted by email at smurphyt@tcd.ie or call/text 087-9817340. Read: Can a woman’s weight affect the success of the morning-after pill? >Read: New app gives access to local mental health services >last_img read more

Russia Wants Nobel Peace Prize for Julian Assange

first_imgJulian Assange may have made his fair share of enemies when it comes to world governments, but he can take stock in knowing that a few are still on his side. Russia, for one, is a huge fan. A source inside Dmitry Medvedev’s office told the press that the WikiLeaks founder ought to be nominated for a Nobel Prize.“Public and non-governmental organizations should think of how to help him,” said the anonymous source during a Russia-EU summit in Brussels. “Maybe, nominate him as a Nobel Prize laureate.”AdChoices广告The suggestion is largely considered to be a potshot against the US. Russia, after all, was pretty upset when cables surfaced describing the country as a “mafia state,” with a Medvedev spokesperson calling the papers, “not worthy of comment.”last_img

Google burns freezes and destroys a Cr48 netbook with a garden gnome

first_imgGoogle has decided to start the Chrome OS marketing campaign early, and it’s using some extreme measures to do so.In order to get across the idea that your data is safe, even if your machine gets damaged or destroyed, Google has started destroying its new Cr-48 netbook in multiple horrifying ways.AdChoices广告First they drop household items including a toaster, sink, and garden gnome on it. Then another netbook gets frozen in liquid nitrogen before being lowered on to a spike. Yet another is burned, before a final Cr-48 has ice-cream dumped all over it and catapulted into a wall.For hardware aficionados it’s a difficult watch, but does help explain why Google needed to order 60,000 Cr-48s from Inventec.via YouTubelast_img

Google Cr48 Will it blend

first_imgWhen Google released the Cr-48 notebook there was a scramble to get one. It was only available by signing up online, and then you were in the hands of Google as to whether you’d get one or not. Even with around 60,000 being manufactured they were going to disappear quickly.So if you were on the list, but have yet to receive your Cr-48, this video might be hard to watch. The guys over at Will it blend? did get one, and they didn’t waste any time seeing if it would indeed blend.Of course, the Cr-48 did blend, but it needed to have the hinge broken first to fit in the blender.You may see this as a needless waste of a machine, but I’m sure Google view it as great publicity for Google Chrome OS.via YouTubelast_img

Thief caught after leaving phone charging in house he burgled

first_imgAnyone who decides to break in to a home and steal items of value must be desperate for money. But 25-year-old Cody Wilkins was also desperate for power, and in the end that’s what got him caught by police.Wilkins broke into a house in Silver Spring, Montgomery County on Friday last week. The break-in occurred two days after a snowstorm when power had been lost in the area. So not only was he searching for money and valuables, but his cell phone had run out of juice. Thinking he had some time, and rather than getting to stealing right away, he first plugged his phone in to charge thinking he could pick it up on his way out.AdChoices广告But luck was not with Wilkins that day. The son of the homeowner returned unexpectedly and Wilkins decided to run, but he didn’t pick up his phone on the way out. That handset was handed to police who then called one of the numbers. It happened to be Wilkins’ girlfriend so they told her the owner of the phone had been in an accident, and got his name. After that it was easy to track him down.This wasn’t his first burglary, and Wilkins faces charges for 10 in total. Jewelry found at his home, witness reports, and the tread on his boots was enough evidence to get an arrest.Read more at The Washington Postlast_img read more

Original Madden NFL developer sues EA for tens of millions

first_imgIn 1988 the first versions of Madden NFL, otherwise known as John Madden Football were released for the Apple II, Commodore 64, and MS-DOS. While it was EA and Trip Hawkins publishing and distributing the game, it was actually developed by one Robin Antonick for the company.Antonick’s contract, signed in 1986, guaranteed him patents on all Madden NFL games classed as derivative of his original. That contract saw him continue to receive royalty checks until 1992 when they stopped coming.AdChoices广告Although the details aren’t clear, it seems as though Antonick assumed that EA had started again and re-developed Madden NFL games from scratch after 1992 without derivative work being used any more. However, comments made by Trip Hawkins around the time of the 20th anniversary of the games suggested all Madden NFL games have continued to be derivatives.Since learning this Antonick has been in discussions with EA regarding a settlement as he clearly believes he deserves royalties from 1992 onwards. But those negotiations seem to have failed as he is now suing EA for a lot of money.As well as demanding royalties be paid for every Madden game released, he is also demanding all profits from the game be given up. On a franchise that has generated over $4 billion even if he only wins on the royalties front that’s going to be tens of millions of dollars. If the court sides with him on profits too, EA could be facing a billion-dollar payout.Read more at Reuters, via Eurogamer.netMatthew’s OpinionThis could be a long and drawn out case purely because of the investigation work that will need to be undertaken in order to prove Antonick is owed royalties on all games from 1992 onwards — that’s a lot of code to look through. If he is, then EA could be in some serious trouble due to the amount it will be required to pay to this man.I would say EA will try to settle, but they’ve been trying to do that for a couple of years with no luck. Either EA is playing hard ball and not offering much compensation, or Antonick believes he has such a strong case he won’t settle for anything other than a seven-figure payoff.last_img read more